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Documentary : 60-90 mins 

Net series      : 20-22 episodes of 20-30 mins each

Benaras. Varanasi. Kashi. Many names for what is believed to be the oldest living city on the planet.  It is said to be 5000 years old, but little is known about its history and origins. Many documentaries have been made about the city. But for the first time, we reveal the details of a geometric pattern that is the skeleton for the city. Hundreds of temples were established upon this geometry, making the entire city into a sacred yantra.  This documentary also explores how Kashi became the birthplace for traditional sciences including: 

  • Astronomy

  • Astrology

  • Science

  • Vedic mathematics

  • Arts and craft

  • Music and dance

  • Martial arts and sport

Was it by design that this city became a cooking pot for all these sciences? Moreover, while the great cities of Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt came to ruins, how did a city like Kashi survive? Our documentary will be covering all this and more.

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