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Bharath: A Unique and Special Land

Sadhguru Shribrahma
Biopic Docu-series


This project began with just a one-page history reference, and evolved to a 14-episode series. The biopic series has touched millions. It involved travel and research throughout southern states of India, where we shot and documented the life of a great yogi who lived 100 yrs ago.

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Sadhguru Shribrahma Docu-series Season 2

After the success of 8 episodes in Season-1, and discovering more information from research and travel, we released Season-2 with a higher production value and quality. 

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Know Your Culture Series

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, this series aims at inspiring the present generation to get back to following simple daily processes, which connect them back to our culture.

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Kashi - The Eternal City

The documentary "Kashi - the eternal city" was made in 2011 for Isha Foundation. Involving intensive research and interviews, we dug out the essence of why the 5000-year old city still stands drawing millions of people throughout the year. Featuring noted lyricist and scriptwriter Prasoon Joshi, in an interview with Sadhguru, this documentary went on to be highly appreciated  for its detailed research and presentation of content.

Kailash: Through the Mystic Eye

Produced for Headlines Today,  this video series takes the viewer through the pilgrimage route from Nepal to Kailash in Tibet. It covers major temples on the way including: Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Kalpanath and Kailash. The mystical aspects of each space is elaborated by Sadhguru. Created for  Isha Foundation in 2014.

Himalayan Series

The Himalayas have attracted seekers, adventurers and tourists for centuries. In this series, we explore a few powerful places in the Himalayas. - Some are well-known and others lesser-known. The series is to open up new dimensions to a spiritual aspirant and traveler. Hidden treasures of the Himalayas. 

Full series

Kedarnath's Bhairav Temple

Much above Kedarnath, there is a Bhairavnath shrine which is said to guard the Kedar valley. In this video, we explore some powerful rituals that happen there. Also, we meet the Nath baba and caretaker of the Bhairav shrine.

Science of Yagna and Havan

Havans and yagnas have been part of our culture since pre-vedic times. In this video, we explore new scientific findings which explain the advantages of havans and yagnas. Once the benefits are seen by people, getting back to following these traditional practices will naturally happen.

Mahabharat Series

A 16-part video series from a 8-day exclusive program Mahabharath conducted by Sadhguru. The story is presented with artistic performances and animation. Created for Isha Foundation.

Abot prem kv

Prem KV has been a seeker since childhood. Having studied agriculture in India, he went to Melbourne and worked as a plant scientist, before he finally returned to his roots to follow his calling to experience the inner dimensions of life. This led him to live a life of a brahmachari at an ashram in South India for 15 years. When he stepped out of this ascetic life, he made it his mission to educate as many people as possible on the essence of this culture. Now for the last 4-5 years, he has been producing videos that have been fast gathering attention on YouTube (3 million views so far).Prem has been traveling across the country visiting and shooting powerful temples and sacred spaces. He has made around 100 videos, but the ones that call for a special mention are the series on Sadhguru Shribrahma with 14 episodes, which document the deeply researched life of a great Yogi who lived a 100 years ago. These episodes reveal many forgotten cultural and spiritual aspects of this land. The Himalayan series of 19 videos present unknown facts and perspectives about the well-known temples of Uttarakhand.Prem KV’s body of work has evoked responsibility in many individuals to act and contribute towards strengthening the roots of this culture and instilling the true value of its dharma.

PremKV YouTube Channel is a treasure house of insight, gleaned from over 15 years of research and travel. The channel features lesser-known topics within Sanathan Dharma, presented in a relatable and engaging format. This content has reached over 3 million viewers around the globe.

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