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Know Your Temples Campaign

"Know Your Temples Campaign" is our offering to Temples and Hindu Organizations across the US.
Through this campaign, our team scripts, strategizes, and executes high-quality video productions which explains the science, rituals, and offerings of each unique Temple. These videos then become the base for the Temple's website and social media strategy. Moreover, they can be played in the Temple premises for all who visit. 
We are a team of Hindu Documentary Filmmakers. Our unique background is that we are deeply rooted in Bharathiya Culture, yet we understand how to create content for the Western mind. We see the Hindu Mandirs as powerful spaces for self-transformation and seek to bring that knowledge to the future generations. 

Moreover, we believe that in order for Temples to sustain for generations to come, they must create a robust digital strategy which conveys the profound roots of Sanatana Dharma in a contemporary sensibility. 

We welcome you to join us in this vision! 

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